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LambHub is an employee placement agency that specializes in Northern California and the Bay Area. We are committed to finding every single job seeker who comes through our doors employment. We help you to discover what your career goals are and what positions and companies are a good fit. We work with established corporations, organizations, and emerging business in many different industries. Our goal is not just to get you hired, but help you find the first position in your career.  


LAMB Pros: Job Seekers


TRAINING: We provide Career Advocates that help you to discover how your talents and life goals can match available career opportunities. We connect you to local certification and training programs.


LIVING RESUME: We help you develop and maintain your living resume. Employers can get to know you with an interactive resume that stays current with your experience, projects and awards.


SAVE TIME: Most people spend 160 hours looking for a job. We save you time by connecting you to good jobs with employers who value maintaining a good work environment.


For Employers

  • We save an average of 60 hours in recruiting time per hire
  • Our job seekers stay in positions longer because we provide career counseling
  • We do not charge employers
  • We are NOT a temp service; we match permanent employees to good jobs
  • We recruit qualified candidates to ensure your workforce is diverse
  • We have authentic ties to the community to access untapped talent





Oakland Main Office

Address: 1305 Franklin St, Suite 250

Telephone: (510) 878-8006

Email: mgarvin@lambhub.com